Products and Solutions

LED displays for Sports Stadiums

Techfront UK have designed, developed, manufactured and installed LED solutions in a large range of high profile sports Clubs and Stadia. Techfront understand that to have the complete LED digital solution you need to deliver both hardware and software and integrate these into the stadium’s infrastructure.

Although the LED perimeter boards were first introduced for advertising purposes, it is becoming more common these days for the digital perimeter boards to have 'Manual Interventions' throughout the sporting event which enhances crowd interaction. Techfront has developed its own software to ensure these Interventions can be easily displayed at specific times. They can be easily managed by the operator.

Outdoor Mobile LED Screens

Techfront have constantly invested in new products, software and services and have recently upgraded the quality of their wide range of outdoor mobile big screens. They are ideally suited for 'pop-up' events, festivals, fan zones, sports stadiums etc. where the permanent installation of a big screen is impossible and speed is of the essence.

Outdoor mobile screens have gained popularity over the past 10 years for being cost effective to hire, easy to install together with the reduction in time for set up and de-rig. Techfront's screens also have on-board production facilities which make them as desirable as a permanent screen but at a fraction of the cost. To see our range of Outdoor Mobile Screens please click here

LED Screen Sales

With a huge Design and Manufacturing facility in India, Techfront have access to the latest technology and hardware available on the market. Techfront pride themselves in developing the future of LED screens and feel it is important for the environment to reduce power consumption whilst improving their visual capabilities. For this reason, our unique 'Go Green' panels have been designed and developed for the mass market and are manufactured from Magnesium and Aluminium alloy.

Go Green Technology adopts multi variant cross solutions in the manufacture of LED Display systems to ensure the most energy, cost and environmentally efficient electronic hardware is produced. This takes in best practice in the usage of metallurgy, electrical, electronics and embedded components which are capable of operating under any renewable energy input including Solar Powered.

Integrated Software

Just as important to LED digital technology is the software that runs the screens. The software needs to be easy to use, with natural looking UI (User Interface), and Techfront have developed a variety of these solutions suited to the different applications for which they are intended.